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Talking to your stylist

Do you ever feel like your hairstylist didn’t understand what you wanted? The first thing you need to know is the right questions to ask your stylist. These tips will help you get….

Great Style on a Budget

Do you want to look stylish but your budget doesn’t allow you to spend money on a ton of new clothes? Here are my 6 secrets to building…

Are you wearing the right bra?

Every single body shape can look & feel amazing given the right fitting undergarments. Here’s some simple tips you will want to…

How to Dress for your Body Shape.

Do you have a difficult time finding clothes that actually fit your body correctly? Knowing your body shape is an important tool to have so you can….

Loving your body

We’re always hearing that we should love our body, but if you’re anything like me, there’s been times that I didn’t want to love my body at the weight it was. I hated how I looked when I saw my reflection in the mirror.….

Discover your Style Personality.

Do you want to enjoy shopping but get into department stores and get overwhelmed? Knowing your style personality will make shopping effortless. Finding the right outfit…


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