Friendships that increase your self confidence

Apr 19, 2024

Friendships are really important. I truly believe that the friends my kids have had in high school have shaped who they are now and I’m so grateful they’ve had good friends. As an adult, my friendships have been a huge support to me. I have leaned on my friends a lot during my life. As a business owner I’m finding that my friendships have also helped me make more money and a bigger impact in the world but the most amazing thing about good friendships is how it’s helped increase my self confidence.

In today’s episode I want to talk to you about the groups of friends we’re in and how they are impacting our lives. I’ve recently stretched myself to be in bigger groups so I can meet more people. I am a people person but it has still been hard for me to put myself in these groups. The self doubt is real, always, and I’m learning that it’s more of an indicator to go all in than to pull away.

Tune in as we talk about friendships and how they can increase your self confidence.