3 Steps to Dress to Impress

Mar 25, 2024

I’m a believer that when you get dressed intentionally you just feel better, and who doesn’t want to feel better each day? On today’s episode I’m giving you 3 tips to consider when you are thinking about your self confidence and your style. If I’m honest these are my favorite steps and the most important ones to start with.

1. Discovering Your Personal Style

Personal Style is just your self expression using clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup. It is personal to you. It’s important that you understand how you want to express yourself.

2. Dressing Your Body Shape

Embrace your body shape with confidence and learn how to dress to enhance your best features. Whether you’re an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle, you can learn the art of proportion, silhouette, and dressing strategies tailored to your individual shape.

3. Representing Your Personal Brand

Your wardrobe is your visual identity. It tells people who you are without having to speak – let’s make sure it speaks volumes about who you are and where you’re headed. Discover how to align your personal brand with your clothing choices to exude professionalism, elegance, and charisma in every setting.