The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When Trying to Build Self Confidence

Feb 16, 2024

How many times have you heard someone say that if you want to be more confident in yourself you need to change your thoughts? I’ve said it myself and it’s true, but how do you actually do that? If you want to feel beautiful and be a confident woman you have to have beautiful, confident thoughts about yourself. Changing thoughts you already have in your mind is the hardest way to increase your self confidence.

We all have unhelpful thoughts in our heads and we all know that changing those thoughts is what we want to do but the chances of you being successful doing that is low.

In this episode I’ll give you the strategy that HAS helped me and my clients be successful when it comes to changing our thoughts.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find new thoughts about yourself that feel good
  • How to practice thinking these new thoughts
  • What to do when the old, not so nice thoughts try to come in

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