Judgement VS Curiosity

May 3, 2021

If you struggle feeling confident in yourself and it affects your relationship with your husband, the way you show up as a mom, or a friend, today’s episode is for you. 

Low self confidence can affect every aspect of your life or it can affect just one aspect, like your ability to lose weight and keep it off. The judgement you put on yourself because of this is high and it’s keeping you stuck and frustrated! Lots of my clients are successful in several areas of their lives but there’s just this one area that they aren’t confident in. When I work with these women they are astounded at how simple it is to get some traction on something they’ve struggled with on their own for SO LONG, and the first step is to get curious and stop judging.

If this sounds familiar, good news! Today I’m going to teach you what you can do to stop judging yourself and where you are NOW and how being curious instead will actually get you better results.

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