Self Care Routine Ideas

Jun 14, 2024

Self Care is kind of a buzz word and I usually tune out when I hear it. So you’re probably wondering why I’m using it here? Well, it’s because I’m hoping to give you some validation in whatever you’re doing for self care and also give you some ideas you can add into your life if you’d like to. I subscribe to the 80/20 strategy so this episode isn’t for you to beat yourself up for not being perfect at self care. I’m going to bet that you do have some self care activities in place already. When I’m trying to add something into my routine or make something part of a pattern for me I usually only get to it once or twice a week at first and that’s ok if that happens to you too, just trying. In this episode you’ll hear me talk about the natural tendency to evaluate and set goals as the season changes and going into Spring is a natural time to look at your self care routine and make changes if it feels right. Today I’m introducing the self care power hour and giving you lots of ideas to try on. Tune in to this one, it’s a good one!!