How to get more money & time without adding more stress & overwhelm

May 3, 2024

This is likely the thing I wish for the most! More money and more time, but without more stress & overwhelm. Am I right? If we can figure that out I think we will have the secret to the universe!! On today’s episode I’m dishing all about how I am figuring this out for me and giving you some ideas to try in your own life.

I’m talking about ways I’m creating more money & more time but I’m also talking about the energy I’m having to get it all done! What we put out into the world comes back to us and I’m sharing some ways to look for that to be happening in your life too. One of the ways that has helped is in creating my environment intentionally. When my environment is cluttered I notice that I don’t get as much done. Do you find a correlation with your surroundings and what you get done on your to do list?

Tune in as we discuss how to create more money time without more stress & overwhelm.