Grief Support Mini Course

Wishing you could love your life again even though your loved one died?

People keep telling you how “strong you are”

But you sure aren’t feeling very strong.

You feel stuck in your grief and don’t want to stay there

But you just don’t know how to move forward.

hello there,

I’m Sheri Brasier

I’ve lost both of my parents to cancer and was by each of their bedsides when they passed into the next life. I was barely 24 and recently married when my mom passed away 23 years ago and my Dad just passed away a month ago. I know the fear that comes when losing a loved one to cancer. I understand the struggle that takes place in your soul when you are aware of so many blessings and tender mercies but feel so incredibly devastated and sad at the exact same time.

How does a person navigate both at once? I’ve learned some tools that are truly life saving and have given me so much peace as I have navigated through these intense emotions.

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